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Submitted on
November 28, 2013


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  • Mood: Adoration

Hi everyone!

This year, in regard to DeviantArt, I am thankful for everyone who has ever commented, +favorited, or even just looked at my art, so I'm starting my annual feature for those who +watch my art on this year's Thanksgiving day. :meow: (while I work on this food coma XD)

I am especially thankful for receiving Daily Deviations on two of my pieces this year!  That's still really hard for me to believe, but it explains why I have to split 2013's +watcher feature into a few parts so that it's fair for everyone.  I'm so abundantly thankful to have received those DD's and, if it's even possible to imagine, even more grateful to have people who enjoy my art enough to follow my account.  Thus, without further ado, please enjoy this feature (part 1) of some of the lovely people who had a stroke of fortunate insanity and decided to follow my gallery this past year.  It was an amazing journey through these galleries and I hope many others will love my findings as much as I did.


Poe Little and the Black Rabbit by mintertweedWave ! by ModyZincSweet.Winter.2 by dyingFORdreamsDome of The Rock Jerusalem Palestine. by ledo4lifeChris Motionless by xxblueeyesturngrayxxHand Threshold by shamic2011The Church by Vih-chanR A S H by TheUnknownAssassinThe Mad Hatter by DropInTheAirAdrian by kyriakoulaLe Solitaire by Atmos35 by justtried005 Prisoner of Light by BlackHeresymy Valentine contribution by daPerforMYour thorns are digging into my bones. by HeavensinyoureyesBe BRAVE, like a pirate by beth4452Greenfield by dreamsofwinterLovisa 10 by SeraturCarousels in the sky by FatimaZahraeMSteampunk by music-dropCute Birdie by Fooki With YouWith you, I am learning that admittance doesn’t have to come through words.
It can come through gestures, and looks,
And the pressure of touch streaming from fingertips and lips and tangled legs.
With you, I am learning how little it takes to demonstrate
All the endless thoughts running through my open eyes,
Pooling into you.
With you, I am appreciating the diagonal space of the bed we share,
Stretched endlessly from corner to corner.
With you, daylight is just as much of a blessing as the darkness.
With you, I could give and give and give if only for the moment that you
Shake your head in a smile.
With you, I am only with you.
D u s k | the play of colors ! by WalkMyPathhorizon by georgezondiThe Kanagawa Tea Party by chinakappuruins in the blackwood forest by VulpesUrbanaKusudama flowers by Kara-chan13Trapped by ArachindphobosSplash by aitchhagenBear Grylls by SteamFistThe Oasis by SparksflyStudiosNature by victoria-blopLeaves by ShaunStarrrThe last rays by wewe18Good night by donner260 Britain X Reader ~ Juliet's Surprise
Britain X Reader ~ Juliet's Surprise
*~*~*~*~ Intro. ‘That’s my milk in the fridge, I squeeze it out of my tits with a vice.’
It was a traumatic day, again.
(Name) had been working til day and night to get the work completed for her demanding boss. And at this moment in time, (Name) was shattered.
Her (colour) hair was like a messed-up mane on a lion’s head, and her stunning (colour) orbs had lost their sparkle as they were substituted with dark lines beneath. Her mouth was desiccated as she had virtually lost control of her inhalation and her form as it was trembling and shaking inside and out.  
Each year was similar to this, every single month was comparable to this, all the single days, ho
I just came to say hello by o0Shantae0oIgnis4 by Kassidy123BethSymmetrical Sunset 2002 4 by vikingjonred by maleicaAngry by urbanKniteWarm snowflakes by burnt-shadowsIgreja do Carmo - HDR - 3 by ivanicskaaster 3 by ernest-art


Iwillbe by SchlafundAtemlosTraffic Light Says Stop by glorykanonMilky Way Mountains by BuuckPhotographyCat was here by TheGraveyardKeyglory unfolding by funkichknSurvivor by ArtAndStockGrowing In The Light by Like-A-Kitty Left Me To BurnWe were partners
Brothers in arms
I got captured
You hid from harm.
Look at how I burn
My skin charred and slack
See what I've become
My face shrivelled, gone black.
You have betrayed me
Killed me inside out
Left me to burn
Because of heavy doubt.
See how the smoke rises
Penetrating my fleshly fears
That’s why my eyes water
Not from crying or tears.
I remember you were the one
That pushed me into a pact
Relying solely on your skills,
What a foolish act.
Look at how the flames grow
Licking at my exposed body
I am a beacon yet the fire dulls
The spark of life that I embody.
You left me to die
Without a backwards glance
You ran from the truth
From the enemies advance.
This is why you will burn
Inside from guilt and fear
I hope your soul dies
With every New Year.
I am now just ash and dust
Borne away by the wind
Yes, I will haunt your days
Til death, for you have sinned.
Lalaland by wesleathy.And He Disappeared. by Amanda-GrahamA Fairytale Fantasy by lilithfireflyKing of the Sea by EarthlyNuggetNarwhal Gir by Re-Pyper... by Aall3exandraThe Art of Decay by hellxinnZuban by waridtell My Muse.Some people say their muse is music
Others day art, and great beauties
Yet my muse is different
It is a million times better
My muse is you
You make the words come out of me
Like a volcano
Passionate and fierce
You fill my heart with song
To make my fingers dance
Across the slim strings
Of my violin
You fill my head with images
That take their place upon a canvas
Painted by my hand
Inspired by you
Music is a terrific muse
Art and beauties too
Yet my muse is better than them all
My muse is you.  
Angel of Death by AraNajaMaya by pushit2xesFrog by Moon-shimmerHaruhi by ShiyoriHotaruTree People by lviruslEmbrace Colored by Nightwind-AlchemistRailways by poncicson1Winter Rose by SaelyssaHorizon by KadaeHinata by mr-grumpIn between green by wanderingcitywitch Parkour Monster MashIt was just a normal night in Ikebukuro as the citizens gathered around the center of the city to ring in the New Year and to watch the ball drop on the big screen. There was cheerful chaos all abound as the bars and the restaurants were quickly filled with party-goers and aside from a few drunken fist-fights, everything was peaceful. Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the city, shocking the celebrating people to a standstill as a colorful, wacky looking woman with pink, punk-rocker hair jumped from the smoke and equally colorful and strange looking beings started to appear from the alleyways, surrounding the crowd. There was a pregnant pause for a good five minutes before there was a roar of applause from the crowd.
The crowd roared again, this time with more gusto. A
Fallen princess by Tsuki-Mizunoeyes of water by MirrowoSummer by Neliel96Shinya by MR-chanXI strength by DStoyanovShadows Between Flower Petals by JadeLocketPanda! by MiyukiKurando you fear... by alepainkillerRoses by BreatheLifeInSicilia Bedda ! by RichieIRBlustuff by vlakPova de Varzim by FefaMachadoOpen Magnet Collab by cooli89302414 10152015050615298 1609967055 N by vergilrezaLines by ElleJaydeAnnie by Cute--ButterflyAnxiety by born-sinrYin and Yang by kathleenholzgenClOuDs by gardenofevilfluffManta Ray no.75 by derekdavalosThe New Queen by ImmortallyDeadSkye,Fan ART by ritsuke123Saiba Kei Make-Up by Kuroi-kaosUSydney Opera House by gamerhe11Kim Taeyeon by MaitokkiiFallen by Wayward-Eroticahimeji castle by LuzeCrosszeriaEn t' attendant by Ka-Cendres A promiseHands out streched,
almost touching,
not quite there.
There's not enough time,
last words will be spoken,
a promse is made.
He'll come back for her,
no matter what,
nothing can stop him.
She'll wait for him,
for his promise,
said he'd find her.
In the end,
there will be tears,
and hugs will be shared.
For he kept his promise.
Cancer by cold--winterYou're your one enemy by TinyCreatureOur dreams live here... by HisteroneurasteniaCricket by Toy-SoulProfundity by CherryfelinaSunshine by AndresevanThe Apple Sisters by Unique-BrushstrokesInto The Unknown by MatthewReedblue... by lnx03 Ex-FactorI miss your smile
and your laugh
I miss your sense of humor,
though you're a bit daft.
I miss your randomness
It made me smile
I miss your words
that made me feel worthwhile.
I miss your friends,
because they were mine too.
I miss all these things
that remind me that I love you.
But now it's awkward
now I sigh
because the things that used to make me love you more
now make me cry. . .
~Facing Your Demons~ by TheBlaqkCat The Gravity of a SituationA retiring
librarian said that
books were relics of the past
and I should
buy an eBook.
I said that the
Dewey Decimal System
was also
a relic and
alphabetized the
nonfiction section.
A painter,
tired and poor,
tried to
convince me
to not buy his paltry art,
full of his blood
I said that his
attempts at
false modesty
what were paltry
and walked away
with a
used canvas
and lighter pockets.
An etymologist
bade me look
closer at
a rose to see the
rare bug nestled in
between soft petals.
I bade her
to stand up
and look
at the
A young child
with a damp face
sticky fingers
said that what he broke
be fixed
pointed to his
In response,
I walked up to them
with the child next to me
and said
"He needs a push on the swings."
"He can't move up without you two."
and walked away.
A dry businessman
once told me
it was stupid
to walk in the rain
I said,
"Know what else is stupid?"
Die abstrak see. by lomaticDark Magician Girl holding Yami Yugi by melofarcedreams. by may-flower-smile


Projectarttradeforrobthereaper96 by gogitaFroggies1Cygnets by GeoffreyGiraffeDSBM by forGaiaargia by wale69The path goes on by minuts2midnytClaire as the sugarplum fairy by AnalissThe Burning Star by Eight-FortySevensolecito by PinkubaAcoustic guitar by overrisTiger by joshi1404Among Them by Neriak PilkunnussijaHere's what I think:
There's a certain joy in not doing this face-to-face. For one, I don't have to leave my apartment and I have the quiet company of my goldfish and my goldfish alone. (I don't like people, which is why I love books. You can understand that.) For another, I don't have to see your presumably crestfallen and injured attitude when I tear apart the prose you cried and bled and sweated over for weary nights on end. But really the best parts are those uninterrupted hours alone with your manuscript and the shred of you that lies inside. It's a small shred, but an important one. It's the one that tells me who you are and what you think and how you feel and I never have to look at you and be disappointed when the real thing doesn't come up to scratch. As I sit there, un-tensing and re-tensing and tense-shifting and shift-entering (and damn it, wishing English were like German so I could get rid of those clunky space-wasting n-dashes--oh, damn there they are again) I feel li
Captured at first sight by KiidPicassoChildhood Fantasies by VisualPoemsEme0004 by Crimus-Kronos-CKTTFIt is raining joy by sandranatalyStockholm sunset by kaffemuggDeep in the trees by Z-GrimVStarchild by EltorasHavin Fun by DanielAPierceTwo at a Time by MusicOfTheSoulDinner with neighbours / sono rimasti in due by Vntinaedgar by paranoicjellyfishTRIPPY by KISSFANFREHLEYSCOMETThe path of nature by redninjarnotaloneSwirls by xLivexBackwardsxA Raining Concept by callmeeFright by DianaGrigoreSunset II by WeirdNightGot me up all night.. (realistic heart study) by hatterfoxPower of the Purple Petals by AMProSoftfall 1 by wanlornFlowers of Valinor by marinaawinMountain by FilipinaMaya

Some people haven't posted any deviations yet, but deserve so much love nonetheless:
:icontureblood: :icondarksebat: :iconninjainfoplz: :icontre-tokyo: :iconwingedtears: :iconmeltymouse: :iconlizzy30000: :iconlady-fani: :iconmaidenangel: :iconweareone:
:iconsadiesapphire: :iconsatnhan:

Additionally, these are not the only treasures to behold; please give these lovelies a visit too, if you've a chance:

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Thank you sooooo much to everyone who has given me comments, +favorites, +watches, or any sort of love; sometimes you guys make me think there's something wrong with my eyes when I check my inbox because it's brimming with so much awesomness -- I truly appreciate each and everyone and I hope this shows my most sincere gratitude. :tighthug: :thanks:

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MR-chan Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you again:) Nice feature:):)
you're very welcome :meow:
Thank you so much *-* I'm so proud to be a part of it
you're welcome! I was happy to feature you. ^^
MatthewReed Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for including Into The Unknown.
you're very welcome ♥
BlackHeresy Dec 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you a lot for put me in this wonderful featured!!! :hug: ^^
you're very welcome! there's no way I couldn't include you ^^ ♥
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